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Every Friday, you will get an email with:

  • Grocery list
  • Instructions to prepare natural, fast and waste-free meals
  • Instructions for the meals of the week
  • Seasonal menu with recipes for two lunches and two dinners, a super energetic breakfast, and a natural
  • snack/dessert.

Subscribe to the MONTHLY PLAN (29€) to get the email and you will see a gradual improvement of your life: stress reduction, efficiency in your kitchen and more natural food. I will send you a menu with 4 meals, a breakfast, and a dessert, while you can prepare the other ones, according to your eating habits.

An efficient, natural cuisine is not only wonderful for your body, mind, and soul, but an excellent ability to live a better life, too. And you will get it with the “My advice, your taste” method! SUBSCRIBE NOW!



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